Segway finds no green in New York Auto Show

The founder of SegwayNYNY, Itsi Atkins, reviewed the New York Auto show and found it lacking in any advancements in alternative transportation. According to PR Wire, Atkins saw nothing that indicated the automakers had developed technologies to reduce oil use. Instead, he found the "...the war of the sound waves with Sirius vs. XM. Each company was trying to out spend advertising dollars to impress the ears of the drivers." Atkins stated the real head-turner at the show was the P model Segway which drew attention not only from in-the-know New Yorkers, but from Hummer buyers as well.
For the record, no one from Autoblog saw a Segway on the floor during the press preview days.

See here for Segway's foray at the show last week.

[Source: PR Web via eMediaWire]

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