Motorcycle headcase #1: HMS builds a bike powered by BMW V12

It should come as little surprise that several of us here at Autoblog are motorcycle fans, and one can also find broad support for the axiom "there's no replacement for displacement" among staffers. We typically don't combine both of those into one project, though (the turbocharged Vmax project languishing in the polebarn for the last five years notwithstanding). Those wacky Germans over at HMS don't share our inhibitions, though, and managed to drop a 5.5L V12 from a BMW 750i into a custom drag bike. If that's not enough, plans are in the works to throw on a couple of turbos and a bit of laughing gas. We're damn near speechless, but we'd love to hear that V12 cut loose on a quarter-mile pass.

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[Source: The Kneeslider; a hat tip to Eliot from Hackaday]

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