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In Europe, 'green' fuel imports?

While bio-fuels are being promoted in the U.S. as domestically produced alternatives to imported oil, the European Union might have to import them in order to meet their target of 5.75% of fuel used in transport by 2010. While some countries in Europe are on track to develop sufficient production of alternative fuels to meet the 2010 target, others like Ireland and Finland have shown little interest in developing local production. It seems to me countries with a strong agricultural sector have the infrastructure needed and are probably more likely to invest in bio-fuel production. Setting a national standard across the EU would be similar to having every state in the US produce sufficient biofuel to displace a certain percentage of fossil fuel. While the states with significant farming would have no problem meeting these kinds of targets, some other states, where farming is not as abundant, would have problems meeting the target. I wonder how much fossil fuel will be burned transporting the ‘green’ fuels across the Atlantic Ocean.
[Source: International Herald Tribune]

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