Pentagon to use new fuel as it stakes its claims in old fuels

Earlier this month, a company called O2Diesel Corporation announced it was developing a new type of renewable fuel for the Pentagon. The article, from The Auto Channel, describe this new fuel as a “cleaner burning alternative diesel fuel” and says it will be made up of 20 percent renewable resources (apparently it will be 7.7vol% fuel grade ethanol) and will conveniently include the company’s proprietary solubilizing additive O2D05. The Department of Defense, which is the largest consumer of diesel in the United States, gave O2Diesel $800,000 to develop the fuel. The company claims the new diesel can be distributed using the existing fuel distribution infrastructure, so maybe those new biodiesel hoses won’t be as necessary as Goodyear says they will. O2Diesel used to be known as AAE Technologies, Inc. and a look at its website shows that it is also interested in the rapidly greening Brazilian fuel market.
[Source: The Auto Channel, thank you to Joel A]

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