High gas prices in Iowa mean a shift to E85, hybrids

In recent weeks, more pumps delivering E85 have opened at gas stations in and around Des Moines, which used to only have two. WHO TV News has a short video clip of a report they did about how high gas prices are affecting people in Des Moines. The key finding: green technology in cars is saving everyday people at the pump. The more gas costs, and it’s up to $2.75 in Des Moines, then the more people save with a hybrid that uses less gas. This is pretty easy to understand.
The transcript/abstract of the TV news clip contains a shallow understanding of green technology culture, though. It says that despite “the President’s best efforts, gas prices are expected to stay high throughout the summer.” If what President Bush has done to keep gas prices low are his “best efforts”, then I’m afraid to see where prices would be had he not been trying. [Source: WHOtv, Hat Tip to, you guessed it, Joel A.]

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