Nissan Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn may strike as an unconventional cheerleader for General Motors and Ford, but the celebrated turnaround artist has gone on record as saying that the struggle of the U.S. automotive titans won't be of much assistance to Nissan's global efforts. While he apparently didn't get into details during his Associated Press interview, Ghosn did go on record as saying:  "I don't think that you gain because your competitor is weak."

Might Carlos and Co. be fearful of the domino effect on suppliers if one or both of the American automakers falls prey to bankruptcy? Or is he simply putting a friendly face on a tough issue?

One thing's for sure-- with Nissan's coffers drawing in some $4.5 billion in net profits through the end of last month, Ghosn has earned the luxury of sounding magnanimous.

[Source: The Associated Press via Forbes]

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