Paris Hilton offered chance to win back Bentley is offering Paris Hilton a chance to win back the Bentley Continental GT she lost in a poker game at her family's Las Vegas casino... or at least one just like it.

The online poker house appears to be taking a crack at competitor's publicity playbook, best known for paying $28,000 for the fabled Virgin Mary cheese sandwich auctioned on eBay and tatooing their website's address on professional boxers to circumvent advertising rules. So what does the heiress and Simple Life star have to reassert her Bentley ownership? Win heads-up against World Poker Tour host Mike Sexton in an online game of Texas Hold 'Em. Those thoughtful folks are even willing to set up a face-to-face, one-on-one with the professional poker player if cyber gambling isn't her thing.

Paris has 30 days to take them up on the offer.

[Source: PRNewswire via]

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