Bush Relaxing Environmental Standards for Gasoline

In a stunning blow to the environment, President Bush announced today that he is relaxing environmental standards on gasoline in order to curb fuel prices for the summer. The EPA's hard-fought battle to promote reformulated gasoline is taking the hardest hit from President Bush's latest mandate: the February victory requiring refineries to add ethanol to gasoline so that it'll burn cleaner is apparently being lifted.
Bush is also temporarily suspending governmental additions to the fuel reserve, although that isn't expected to make much more than a token difference.

So because Bush is afraid that Americans will think even more badly about his party than they already do, he's doing the very thing that his opponents despise by taking a huge step back in any progress that was beginning to be made to prevent the continuation of global warming. He's in effect telling Americans that their pocketbooks and summer driving habits are more important than global warming. Go buy a Hummer, everyone, because Big Daddy Bush will make sure you can still afford to drive them. [Source: Associated Press]

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