Nissan's X-Trail highlights hydrogen fuel cell development

Nissan’s hydrogen fuel cell laboratory-on-wheels is the FCV X-Trail, and the vehicle’s latest iteration highlights the company’s 10-year-long commitment to the hail mary pass of automotive emissions technology. Nissan developed the fuel stack for the newest X-Trail inhouse. It’s smaller, lighter and develops 120 hp, which is a significant 35 hp more than the 2003 FCV X-Trail.

AutoWeek had the opportunity to drive the new X-Trail and notes that it passes itself off as a capable commuter better than ever. The extra oomph allows the 4,100 lb. SUV to merge with adequate authority and a tougher carbon fiber tank that allows an increase in gas pressure bumps the vehicle’s range to 312 miles. Nissan has the Japanese government’s approval to test the FCV X-Trail on public roads and begin leasing it. The automaker’s made no commitment to when hydrogen fuel cell technology might make it into its lineup, but this latest showcase of technology reveals how close we are to the day when tailpipes emit nothing but water vapor. Now if only there were a BP around with a hydrogen pump…

[Source: AutoWeek]

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