E85 Car Buyer's Guide

If you’re looking forward, and I mean really forward, to a time when ethanol is available at the corner gas station and everyone knows the difference between E85 and E100, then the NEVC has the PDF for you.
The NEVC’s 2006 buyers guide gives the low-down on which new cars (and older models dating back to 1999) are Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). A FFV can run on any blend of gasoline and ethanol up to E85. The guide is a perfect place to start if you’re looking to buy a new vehicle that is clever enough to burn ethanol, as it also lists E85 refueling stations. E85 stations are found in many states (but you’re out of luck if you live in the Northeast, according to the map). At first glance the map is encouraging to people who want to fill up with Ethanol, but make sure to look closely at what types of stations they are before you drive over; many of the stations are on private land, such as military bases. [Source: NEVC]

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