Despite some fairly uninspiring comparison test results in most monthly buff books, the Dodge Caliber appears to have the making of a hit on the strength of its distinctive look, versatile packaging and low price of entry. In fact, initial sales have been so robust that DaimlerChrysler is reeling in employee discounts on the model in celebration.

In recent years, employee discounts have become something less than exclusive-- virtually anybody who's second uncle's former roomate (twice-removed) once worked for one of the domestic manufacturers could finagle a healthy price-cut. That may still be the case over at DCX for certain models, but the automaker has told its dealerships that 'plan' discounts will only extend to immediate families of workers and/or retirees.

While that may be disappointing news for those with tenuous relations to DCX workers, it's undoubtedly a good sign that the Caliber is doing well without the need for spiffs.

[Source: Reuters]

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