Absent the Imperial Concept, nothing says “Upper Middle Class” like the Chrysler 300 LWB and its six-inches of extra length, 10.2-cubic feet of additional interior space and whopping 46-inches of rear legroom. Those extra six inches are extremely transparent from the outside, as evident from the ten minutes we wasted unsuccessfully attempting to pick out the LWB from a group of 300s Chrysler had on display.

As you can see, our dogs quit their barking once we sat down in the LWB’s back seat. What you can’t see is that we took a time out from the show back there that lasted another ten minutes. While the rear seats may not recline in place or offer a retractable ottoman like some multi-hundred-thousand-dollar luxury cars we know, on our middle-class incomes we’ll take what we can get.

More shots of my feet and some official images from Chrysler after the jump…

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