Honda considering cutting Accord hybrid production

According to Dick Colliver, executive vice president of Honda, the automaker may dial back production of its mid-sized Accord hybrid later this year, due to slow sales. He has declined to give specific figures.

Reportedly, Colliver believes the reason for low consumer interest in the model could lie with the fact that it pairs its electric power with a larger six-cylinder powerplant. The executive believes that buyers may feel that such a package doesn't optimize fuel economy in the same way as a smaller four-cylinder hybrid might. Colliver notes that sales of the hybrid Civic remain strong as proof of this. Even the Insight, Honda's smallest hybrid, enjoyed a sales increase of 15 percent last year.

What do you think... why are consumers souring on the Accord Hybrid? Speak your mind in the 'comments.'

[Source: Associated Press via Detroit Free Press]

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