Scott Speed's Squadra Piloti - for car people

American Formula 1 driver Scott Speed (that's him doing his best Kevin Costner imitation at right) has lent his name to a new twist on the exotic car timeshare/rental concept. While outfits like San Francisco-based Club Sportiva bill themselves as "the ownership alternative," allowing club members to rent exotic and classic cars owned by the club, Speed's Squadra Piloti operates in the manner of a dating service, putting members who own, say, a Lamborghini Gallardo, with other members who want to drive one (think, but with cars).
Squadra Piloti (it means "team of drivers" in Italian) members can make arrangements like swapping their exotics for a specified time, or simply renting their bahnburner to a member whose daily driver is, well, sub-exotic.

If having an F1 pilot as a member is important to you, Squadra Piloti's uber-driver Scott Speed is up against Club Sportiva's Mario Andretti. Tough act to follow, Scott.

Check out the Squadra Piloti website for more info. If you try it out, let us know how it goes! Maybe Scott will rent you his Toro Rosso ride...

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