TomTom brings instant messaging to sat-nav

"Where did they find those wonderful toys?"

That's what we at Autoblog occasionally find ourselves asking when checking out sister-blog Engadget. And what toys!

Sat-Sat Nav-Nav Makers-Maker TomTom has released a new product called TomTom Buddies. It's a standard GPS navigation system with a nice twist: you can keep watch where your friends and family are traveling and they can track you, too. Great for those family gatherings (though terrible if you oversleep and blame your tardiness on traffic!).

The system works in a manner not unlike most Instant Message clients. Users invite other TomTom-ophiles into the system and can even sent text messages and interesting sites to each other. Also like IM, when drivers want a bit of solitude, a privacy option permits 'hiding.'

[Source: Engadget]

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