Bill Ford named Auto Exec of the Year

Sure, the North American wing of his company may be floundering a bit, but Bill Ford’s frankness in the face of financial hardship has won him the honor of being named the 2006 Automotive Industry Exec of the Year. The Automotive Industry Action Group and DNV, a management systems certification registrar, presented the award to Ford. Along with the man’s candor, it was the CEO’s constant focus on environmental issues that set him apart from the pack.

What about Dieter Zietsche, though? The Chrysler Group’s posting sales gains on an almost monthly basis, Mercedes Benz is quietly emerging from its quality troubles and, mark our words, DCX is poised to make a huge impact in the U.S. with its BLUETEC diesels when Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel becomes the rage in the states later this year.

[Source: Canadian Driver]

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