Prodrive launches Power Performance Packs for Subaru

Prodrive, the engineering firm known mostly in the US for its rally exploits, has launched a series of Power Performance Packs (PPP) for the Subaru Impreza WRX, WRX STI, and Forrester XT. And guess what? They're not available in the US at this time, which goes a long way towards explaining Prodrive's relative obscurity.

Regardless of the model, the PPP costs £1,700 (about $3,000), and includes a new catalytic converter, cat-back exhaust system, and a reprogrammed ECU (the STI also gets a new fuel pump). Power improvements range from 29 HP for the Forrester to 39 HP for the WRX, with the STI picking up a healthy 38 HP. That's enough to lop 0.2 seconds off the 0-62 MPH performance of the STI, and 0.6 seconds for the same standing-start sprint in the WRX and Forrester. Even more impressive are the top-gear 30-50 and 50-70 MPH roll-on acceleration results, with the modifications yields improvements of over two seconds in some cases. Clearly, the modifications lead to improved flexibility and more power across the rev range, which is something that everyone should appreciate.

The price may seem a bit steep, but the full factory warranty is retained, and emissions compliance is unaffected. No word yet as to whether the French police will be getting PPP-equipped patrol cars.

[Source: Channel 4; acceleration stats from Carscoop]

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