Is your next tank of gas foam?

As previously posted, the automobile is the number one recycled product in the U.S. Most of the recycled materials are re-used for different purposes, like floormats being turned into sound-deadening materials.
But how about fuel? In a new study, Changing World Technologies, Inc. used a process known as "thermal conversion" to recycle foam seats and other automotive parts into oil. The process involved pounding the scraps into a soupy mix, then subjecting it to 600 degree heat. The resulting oil was then separated from the waste water. One researcher estimated about 64 percent of the raw material was successfully processed into oil.  The results were released by the U.S. Council for Automotive Research (USCAR).

Several hurdles from the process, such as carbon dioxide emissions and heavy metals, would have to be dealt with before the process ever becomes commonplace. Also, there is intense debate of what automotive parts would be allowed to be processed into fuel.

The USCAR decides this week if the process requires another study. See here on how General Motors is converting landfill gas into natural gas.

[Source: Detroit News]

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