We're willing to bet that more than a few Autoblog regulars have made use of The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to keep tabs on their favorite star, or answer trivia questions like 'Who was the voice of Jazz in the Transformers Movie?' (A: Scatman Crothers).

But how many of you know about IMCDb - Internet Movie Car Data Base? The website chronicles the use of automobiles in movies of all ages and genres, and it's a fun and occasionally useful tool. Available in English, French and German, IMCDb boasts entries for a good number of vehicles used in films originating outside of Hollywood, as well as a large number of lesser-known marques like Hotchkiss and Innocenti. Well-organized with a powerful search utility that allows searches by manufacturer, vehicle type or film title, the massive database offers thousands of screen captures and allows users to participate by identifying 'mystery' vehicles.

'What Would Lindsay Lohan Drive?' Wonder no more.

[Sources: IMCDb; IMDB]

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