With much pomp and ceremony, Audi AG unveiled the new TT Coupe in Berlin, at the site of the famous Brandenburg Gate. In keeping with Germany's "Land of Ideas" national marketing campaign to the world ahead of the World Cup, Audi first opened the show with a 1938 Wanderer streamliner - an aluminum-bodied sports car presented as being far ahead of its time and emblematic of Germany's history of innovation. Finally, Dr. Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Audi AG, together with German football stars, unveiled a supersized TT sculpture, 10 meters long and weighing a svelte 10 tonnes. The sculpture is one of many that will symbolize milestones in German innovation in an outdoor sculpture display called "The Walk of Ideas." The TT Coupe was chosen to celebrate Germany as the birthplace of the automobile.

After unveiling the mega-Audi, two real-life TT Coupes drove into the display area through the Brandenburg Gate. Screencaps of the unveiling after the jump, and more pictures of the TT Coupe! Specs to follow!

[Source: Audi AG]

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