An interview with GM CEO Rick Wagoner

Newsweek has interviewed General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner for the April 10th issue of magazine.
In it, Wagner expresses annoyance with the media, stating that they have provided little, if any, coverage on how the world’s largest automaker has been progressing. To illustrate, he points to GM's health cuts, reduction in headcount and manufacturing, while embarking on new marketing and sales programs. And in reaction to suggestions that GM needs ‘new blood’, "That is so simplistic,” says Wagoner. “These are sophisticated problems with historical tails that run back 80, 90 years. The chance of someone coming in and understanding our business, making the right calls and doing them in cooperation with key constituencies like dealers and unions, is absolutely microscopic. That would be the biggest risk I've ever heard of."

Wagoner also replies to questioning on whether he feels secure in his position as CEO and Jerry York’s speech that the company must take on a ‘crisis mode’ mentality.

[Source: Newsweek via PR News via MSNBC via Yahoo!]

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