G'Day near for enthusiasts? GM pondering selling Corvette in Australia

General Motors is in 'high-level' talks concerning the possible sale of Corvettes in Australia. The apparently rationale? The C6 has reportedly been doing very well both in the U.S. and abroad. In fact, GM shipped 400 units of the iconic sportscar to Japan -- a projected year's supply, and it sold out in a single month.

Interestingly enough, with the Corvette's growing success in foreign markets, GM's product czar Bob Lutz has recently been quoted as saying that a right-hand drive model is worth considering: "With the next iteration of Corvette we really need to look at right-hand drive seriously..."

Better still, the current model's C7 successor could be coming sooner than expected - 2009.

[Sources: Drive.com.au, General Motors]

(Great tip, CoreyTheGent!)

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