Go on a diet, and ten other roads toward better fuel economy

With gasoline prices on their way back up again, automotive resource AAOW magazine has thoughtfully compiled eleven ways to maximize fuel efficiency. The list includes:
  1. Read your owner’s manual. Learn how to properly use those heated and cooled seats without burning a hole in your gas funds.
  2. Maintain your vehicle. Well-known among enthusiasts, a properly serviced and maintained vehicle gives optimum gas mileage.
  3. Calculate your mpg regularly. Consider servicing if your miles per gallon is off more than 10-percent.
  4. Lose weight. Remove those beach chairs and any sand from the trunk of your car.
  5. Turn it off. Turn on your car when you're about to leave, not when you expect your loved one to get out of the bathroom.
  6. Calm down. Sorry, but treating every stoplight like the start of a drag race will not save fuel.
  7. Premium versus regular. Use the latter if okay'd by your owner's manual.
  8. Don’t top the tank. You might trigger a 'check engine' lamp or spill fuel.
  9. Plan your day. The more 'cold' starts you do, the worse the gas mileage.
  10. Pump up the volume.  That is, tire pressure. Check your manual.
  11. Get a gas card. One word: rebates.
Full explanation can be found at the link. What would you add to the list?

[Source: AAOW via OnWheels.com]

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