Another importer to bring Chinese cars to U.S.

While most critics have been distracted by launches of new Geely models (and dubbing Chery Malcolm Bricklin's newest albatross), another company, Global Holdings International, Inc. has quietly been readying an arsenal of new vehicles to be sold in the U.S. come 2007. The company ambitiously says their lineup of vehicles (including sedans, minis, coup├ęs, SUVs, minivans, trucks, light trucks, buses and heavy equipment), are almost ready for U.S. consumption at prices that are reportedly 30-to 50-percent less than their counterparts currently sold in the States.

The company plans to import Brilliance (a Chinese joint venture with BMW), Foton Auto and Boading Tianma Auto vehicles, and will kick off the effort with a tour of the Brilliance M1 sedan in California this summer. The company says it plans to open a showroom in Las Vegas later this year.

[Source: Auto Industry UK]

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