2006 X Games add Rally Car Racing

ESPN's X Games will add some rally car action to this year's extreme sports event in Los Angeles. ESPN VP Ron Semiao announced the addition to the X Games 12 lineup, saying, "Rally Car Racing is a sport we have been watching for some time now," and calling the sport "incredibly dynamic and exciting."
ESPN appears to be ramping up its four-wheeled motorsports coverage as it gets ready to air NASCAR races in 2007.

The X Games rally will be organized by Rally America, and include two days of competition over six road stages and a stadium-based Super Special stage.

X Games motorcycle legend Travis Pastrana recently made the switch to four wheels, signing with Subaru of America to lead the Subaru Rally Team USA in the 2006 Rally America National Championship series. Pastrana and co-driver Christian Edstrom placed second in February's Sno*Drift Rally (pictured at right), and we expect him to play a big part in the introduction of rallying to the X Games this summer.

[Sources: Rally America, Subaru] Thanks for the tip, Chris!

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