Because spinners are so very '2005': LED message-board wheels

For those of you who rue the day spinners rolled onto the aftermarket scene, we've got potentially good news -- they've been replaced by something even cooler (at least from a technological standpoint). Custom Wheel has come out with alloys outfitted with LEDs. When hooked into the vehicle's electrical system, they're a show car's wet dream. Drivers can work with the software provided to create graphics that light up the wheels as they drive, and each wheel can have up to six different pictures rotate through. Appropriately dubbed 'Pimpstar,' the wheels can show everything from a driver's phone number to a full-color photo. 

Similar wheels have been shown on race vehicles in years past, but this is the first available-to-the-public set we've seen. And they aren't cheap: pegs wheel/tire package deals starting at Chevrolet Aveo-like prices.

While we question the legality (and sensibility) of the things, it probably won't be very long before prices come down and they're seen on roads near you. So check out the link for a video, and don't say you haven't been warned.

[Source: CustomWheel]

(thanks to everyone for the tips)

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