Mitsubishi may sell i-car in the UK

4Car reports that Mitsubishi UK is showing the Japanese-market i-Car to British dealers and focus groups, with an eye to importing the car. Mitsubishi UK would likely sell the car in limited numbers (about 1,000 per year), as a test marketing exercise in preparation for volume introduction of the next-generation i-car in 2010.

Mitsubishi UK is prepared to invest in modifying the current i-car to meet EU standards, providing it can sell the car fully-loaded for under about $16,000 (£9,000).

The current i-car has its heritage in the now-defunct Mitsubishi-DaimlerChrysler partnership, and is based on the Smart ForTwo platform. The next-gen version will be all new, and available in a hybrid version with Mitsubishi's MIEV technology.

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