Baldwin-Motion launches limited edition big-block Camaros

If you're a well-heeled Camaro fan, and you just can't wait until 2009 for GM's next-generation Camaro, Baldwin-Motion has just the car for you. Inside LIne is reporting that the company that won GM's Best Design Award at SEMA 2005 for its Camaro SuperCoupe is launching two limited edition Camaros - the SS-427 and the Phase III 540.

The company builds its cars using original 1969 Camaros with, um, extensive modifications. Both big-block-powered cars can be ordered with your choice of horsepower options, including supercharged or twin-turbo versions rated up to 1,000 horsepower. [More after the jump!]

Only 12 cars will be built, priced from $169,000. (What the heck, it's cheaper than shopping for a muscle car at Barrett-Jackson.)

If there's anyone who should understand big-block GM power, it's Baldwin-Motion. From 1967 to 1974, the partnership between the Baldwin Chevrolet dealership and Joel Rosen's Motion Performance cranked out some of the hottest Chevys on the planet. The Phase III big-block street cars came with a guarantee that the car would turn at least an 11.5 second quarter-mile at 120 mph. Today's incarnation of Baldwin-Motion is Motion, LLC, located in Sarasota, Florida.

[Sources: Inside Line, Baldwin-Motion]

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