Spectacular Alfa Romeo 8c not headed for production after all?

Alfa Romeo's spectacular 8c Competizione may not make it into showrooms after all.

This, according to website Fastdrive, which says that the decision was reached by Ferrari bigwig Luca di Montezemolo out of concern that the sexy coupe cannibalize would sales from Maserati's 4200GT.

As a corollary to this news, Alfa engineers have reportedly been ordered to '...use as many styling cues from the 8C as possible' for the next iteration of a smaller coupe based on the next Alfa 147's mechanicals.

Of note, this is the only word we've seen of the 8c's demise, and nobody at Alfa has mailed us the deposits back for our new Autoblog staff cars, so we're not entirely prepared to go into mourning just yet.

[Source: Fastdrive]


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