BMW to join mile-high club in new Airbus

At its Aircraft Interiors Expo 2006 exhibition in Hamburg next month, Airbus plans to release a mock-up of an interior designed by BMW for its new A350 twinjet. The decision to employ BMW to "help" design the cockpit takes a swipe at the Airbus twinjet's direct competitor, Boeing's 787 twinjet. We're not sure exactly how much input BMW had, but Airbus isn't giving up all of the credit for sure.

The new design is something out of Star Trek's Ten Forward Lounge -- new lighting schemes; futuristic, ergonomically-designed seating; star-strewn aisles; larger-capacity overhead bins, and even the ability to project images like a cloudy sky onto the ceiling, are all part of the package.

More photos courtesy of Airbus after the jump.


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