Survey: lane-changing drivers skipping signals

In what can only be described as a piercing glimpse into the obvious, a national survey by Response Insurance reveals that a remarkable 57-percent of U.S. drivers don't use their turn signals when changing lanes. Even more amazing (frightening?) is that 7-percent of those drivers confess that they don't signal because it "adds excitement to driving"!

Signal-challenged drivers also admit to not having enough time (42-percent), being lazy (23-percent), not signalling because they forget to turn it off afterward (17-percent), changing lanes too often to bother signalling (12-percent), thinking that signalling isn't important (11-percent), and not signalling because other drivers don't (8-percent).

Fully 71-percent of drivers ages 18-to-24 admitted they don't signal when changing lanes.

From one group of driving enthusiasts to another: Light 'em up, people!!

[Source: Response Insurance via PRNewswire]

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