Son reunites with late father's cherished classic car

A classic car can occasionally be more than just a car -- it can be a tool to bring father and son closer together while bonding over blood, sweat, tears and love poured into the vehicle's restoration. Such was the case with a 1969 Chevy Camaro bought by LeRoy McCoy in 1978, the year his son Anthony was born.

Father and son spent 20 years bringing the car back to life until LeRoy died unexpectedly from a heart attack. Not able to pay for the funeral, LeRoy's widow was forced to sell the car.

After searching high and low for his father's beloved Camaro, Anthony was able to conclude his story with a happy ending. He found on eBay what looked to be his father's car offered being auctioned by eBay service provider QuikDrop in Ohio. After further investigation the company verified that the vehicle had belonged to LeRoy McCoy. Needless to say, Anthony made sure he was the winning bidder.

Sigh... we love happy endings.

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