Dunlop Tires announced at the Geneva Motor Show that it is now using what it calls ‘Touch Technology’ in all of its product development.

"It's a sensitivity. . .to feel how the tire reacts to changes in the roadway," said Andy Traicoff, director of Dunlop in the North American region. More tangibly, the technology initiative includes:
  • Multi-Radius Tread technology, which ensures even pressure distribution in the contact patch and a larger tire footprint.
  • JointLess Band technology
  • A stability rib in the tread design helps maintain constant road contact
  • Solid shoulder construction

More details regarding Dunlop's 'Touch Technology' can be found at the link.

(Touch Technology was used on the 20 inch tires for Rinspeed's ZaZen concept pictured above)

[Source:  The Auto Channel]

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