Eclipse delivers double-decker in-dash DVD drive

After spending twenty minutes searching for the DVD drive in the Range Rover Sport we reviewed last week (only to find it living behind a pop out panel in the luggage area amidst exposed wiring), we’re convinced any vehicle parading around as a status symbol absolutely must come equipped with Eclipse's new AVN 6600 dual DVD entertainment deck (or something like it, at any rate).

This head unit is a double-din of DVD goodness, designed expressly for allowing your DVD nav system to lead you out of harm’s way while you rock the night away listening to a second player filled with MP3s. Or you can use the additional drive to pump DVD video to those other screens buried in the back of your headrest.

This opulent pair of optical drives features a 6.5-inch touch screen interface, built in GPS, and it’s HD Radio-, SIRIUS- and TV tuner-ready. And if you’ve got one of those newfangled iPod contraptions, it’ll work with that, too.

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