Despite GM's widely promoted "value pricing" program, the automaker is still a compulsive user of short-term incentives to boost sales. Coming up, the GM "March Madness" promotion (and was there ever a more appropriate tagline?).

The Detroit News cites leaked GM documents indicating that the promotion, which is tied to the NCAA basketball tournament, will include temporary reductions in sticker prices on selected models, and cash bonuses of $500 to $1,500 on models that have been on dealer lots for more than 125 days.

GM is also offering dealers $150 to $700 in cash incentives if they agree to take extra inventory of slow-selling Chevrolet, Hummer, GMC and Cadillac models before the end of February.

In January, GM's incentive spending was second only to Chrysler's, with vehicles selling for an average of 15 percent off the sticker price.

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