February sales lookin' good

Thanks to new models, lots o' advertising and the strength of Asian automakers, it looks like February 's auto sales are on the rise. Industry analysts predict sales to be up 1 to 3 percent this Wednesday, when we start hearing from the OEMs.

General Motors' ad spending during the Super Bowl looks to have made an impact, showing strong sales for the Buick Lucerne and Chevy HHR. No word yet on Cadillac, specifically, which was the focus of much of their dog and pony show... but with the intro of new models, it's likely that the automaker will report an increase. Fleet sales are also expected to make a big impact.

Ford and Chrysler won't be so lucky, what with SUV and light truck sales not doing so well... but Asian automakers are expected to come through in a big way thanks to the introduction of new products like the redesigned Honda Civic.

 [Source: The Detroit News]

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