Daihatsu to reveal next Terios in Geneva

Japanese automaker Daihatsu will debut the 2007 Terios 4x4 seen here at the Geneva Motor Show. Set to go on sale in May in markets around the world (the current iteration has sold in excess of 300,000 units in 110 countries), it's fair to say that the compact SUV is an important vehicle for the brand.

Like virtually every updated model introduced these days, the all-new Terios adheres to the BBFM mantra-- 'Bigger, Better, Faster, More!' At once longer and wider, the Daihatsu's 1.5-liter engine will now put out 104 horsepower, a huge increase over the current generation, which has almost 19 less horsepower.

As such, top-speed will almost touch the century mark, and acceleration times should tumble as well.

In the UK, all Terios' will come equipped with full-time 4WD (the 2006 model offers 2WD in certain markets-- a drivetrain configuration that may or may not remain available).

[Source: Moldova.org]

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