iRadio by Motorola

Motorola recently announced its intention to launch something called iRadio that will combine hundreds of commercial-free internet radio channels and your own personal music collection. The “solution” will allow you to enjoy your music at home, in your car or while hoofin’ it. iRadio will utilize high-speed internet, Bluetooth technology and a mobile phone to create a continuous listening experience. The company’s example is that you can start a song on your car radio exactly where you stopped it on your living room stereo.
Motorola was intentionally vague in its press release, but we’re guessing this is a veiled indication that the company will release a new phone capable of not only storing digital music, but also purchasing music via a provider’s high-speed data network and transferring the music via Bluetooth to other devices, perhaps Bluetooth-enabled cars. Lots of missing pieces to this one, however, so we’ll leave any additional speculation to our boys over at Engadget and Engadget Mobile.

[Source: Motorola]

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