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Dealership makeover in the East

And, no, we’re not talking about New Jersey.

According to the Japanese news source, the Daily Yomiuri, both domestic and foreign automakers are revamping their dealerships in the Land of the Rising Sun. The primary reason? Women. Studies by Nissan Motor Co. indicate that women’s opinions count for sixty percent of what brand is ultimately purchased by a consumer.

Lexus, which just started selling in Japan late last year, is upgrading its dealership with costly furniture and floors. Mercedes-Benz is walling its dealerships in glass for better viewing. And more saleswomen are being hired.

But one of the most radical changes is consolidation. Unlike dealerships in the U.S., a Japanese dealership sells just one particular line of vehicles produced by an automaker. Thus, if a consumer wanted a Honda minivan, they would seek out a Honda Primo dealership. Under consolidation, all Honda vehicles (Clio, Primo, and Verno) would be available at a dealership. As a Honda employee stated, "we won't have to say no to customers who make inquiries about vehicles we don't offer."

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