Rumor Mill: Chevy Camaro Concept

Do we really need an excuse to do a post on the Camaro Concept? Fortunately Inside Line has provided us one by revealing some new nuggets of credible info on the Bowtie’s upcoming pony car revival. It’s being reported the car is “extremely close” to being green lighted by GM management. The bad news is that we’re still looking at a model year 2010 introduction, which means it won’t hit the streets until 2009.

News is coming from suppliers that are being prepped for the Camaro’s possible production, and they’re expecting a three-engine lineup. The base motor will reportedly be the corporate 3.9L V6 and there will possibly be an optional 5.3L V8, as well. Both engines would also be offered in the Impala and a pair of proposed rear-wheel drive sedans for Buick and Pontiac. All of the vehicles would also share a six-speed slush box. The top powerplant is likely to be a 6.0L small-block V8, probably the 400-hp LS2 found in the base Corvette.

The real question is whether or not anyone will care about the Camaro after waiting another three and half years for its return.

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