Sound is the new pitch to sell vehicles

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently reported what car enthusiasts have known for some time: the car’s the latest boom-box.

According to the news source, an increasing number of automakers are teaming up with named stereo brands like Mark Levinson or THX (pictured in a Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ) to install their high-end system in many of their lower-end vehicles such as mainstream mid-sedan, trucks, and compact vehicles. The Dodge Caliber, for example, can be optioned with a sound system called MusicGate Power from Boston Acoustics.

The emphasis on music systems, including built-in iPod adapters, is seen as a way for the automakers to differentiate themselves. Interest is also driven by the increasing number of Americans who are confined in their vehicles due to distance or traffic. Says television writer Paul Raff, “I do an exorbitant amount of commuting so why not have the best sound system?”

[Wall Street Journal via Pittsbugh Post Gazette]

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