GM losing battle against green image of "Toyohonda"

A rather lengthy editorial posted on GM Inside News by a member named “Ming” suggests that General Motors is unable to win an image battle with “Toyohonda” in the green sector because it insists on pumping its resources into large, inefficient and expensive SUVs rather than smaller, economical, and less expensive passenger cars.
According to Ming, the General’s efforts to raise the mileage of its SUV lineup, while appreciated, will do little to improve its ecological image in the face of Toyota and Honda’s green war machine. GM’s offering of DoD, mild hybrid and FlexFuel technology isn’t necessarily targeted at the thrifty among us, either, which has Ming wondering why the Aveo is still sold with an engine that dates back to the 1990’s Daewoo Lanos.

Would the public have a better perception of GM if it offered a truly competitive small car, possibly even a full-on hybrid like the Prius? Though such vehicles typically earn a smaller profit per unit than a truck or SUV, it's increasingly apparent they play a very significant role in how an automaker is perceived by the public.

[Thanks Jennifer for the tip!]

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