New details about Saab's Geneva concept coming to light

Though prevailing wisdom has pegged Saab's upcoming Geneva Motor Show concept as a small roadster, UK's Channel4 is reporting that the embattled automaker is actually up to something altogether bigger.

According to their sources, the Saab showcar will be a two-door, 'DB9-sized' coupe on an all-new platform. What's more, word is that Swede is to be fitted with a stonking corn-fed 400 bhp bi-turbo powerplant. The Biopower (ethanol-capable) engine is further rumored to be a derivation of the Holden 2.8 six-pot in the 9-3 sedan.

Though Saab has built its reputation on high-powered front-wheel-drive offerings, 400 ponies through the front roundy-rounds strikes as excessive, even for Trollhatten's torque-steer happy boffins. Ergo, expect all-wheel-drive, and a possible Aero-X moniker.


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