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Porsche 911 GT3 details revealed as promo paperwork leaked

While its official introduction date isn't clear, the rear-wheel-drive GT3 appears close at hand. Near-to production-ready prototypes have already been snapped undergoing road testing, and now images of the GT3's dealer brochure have hit the Internet, courtesy those wily souls at Provided the paperwork in question is the genuine article, well-heeled enthusiasts can expect the following:

  • 3.6L 6-cylinder wasserboxer w/6-speed gearbox
  • 415 bhp @ 7600 rpm (115 bhp/liter)
  • 299 lbs./ft. @ 5500 rpm
  • 8,400 rpm redline
  • Unladen weight (DIN) 1395kg
  • 193mph @ Top Whack
  • 0-62mph 4.3 seconds
  • 0-99mph 8.7 seconds

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Revised front and rear aerodynamics, a dry-sump lubrication system, Porsche Active Stability Management and traction control are standard, as is a variable-ratio steering rack. 13.8" steel brake rotors will be standard at all four corners (six-piston calipers in front, four in back), and Porsche's love/hate carbon discs will be optional).

Significantly, this points to a rather focused race car for the street, but not one bereft of electronic assist wizardry, which ought to improve daily drivability, while possibly putting off a few hardcore trackday racers.

However, Porsche has apparently not forgotten about the closed-course set, as the GT3 will come with a no-cost Clubsport package, featuring a bolt-in rear rollcage, six-point harness, fire extinguisher, 'preparation for a master battery switch,' and revised door trim with extra impact padding. Buyers who specify the Clubsport will have to pony up for mandatory Carrera GT-derived lightweight carbon seats (trimmed in fire-resistant fabric without side-impact airbags), so there remains no such thing as a free lunch in Porscheland.

(Tip-top, Mikael)

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