Chevrolet Tahoe LT: a happy appliance

The Truth About Cars, by sheer coincidence, posted a review of the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe LT shortly after Autoblog posted a piece on GM’s sales of its full-time SUVs, the Tahoe among them.
The good news is that the SUV has lost much of its once “endearing” characteristics like a wobbly ride, boring trucker exterior, and an interior populated by bulbous, cartoon-like plastic buttons. Sleek lines, blacked-out side mirror bottoms, tastefully placed chrome-rimmed dials, and other touches make the new model a modern SUV.

According to Farago, however, the second and third row seating are inexcusable for their lack of practicality ( The third row seats are easily removed and replaced - provided Mom has a Bow Flex body). And despite the vaunted Displacement-on-Demand system (or whatever GM’s calling it these days) which shuts down half the cylinders in certain conditions, the Tahoe still reminds one’s credit card that a fuel-hungry truck still lurks under this svelte sheep’s clothing (albeit with modern sheetmetal and rack-and-pinion steering).

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