Poll Results: You would pay more for an AWD Caliber

The votes have been counted from our first Chicago Auto Show-related poll in which we asked whether AWD on your Caliber SRT-4 would be worth a $3K premium to you, and three-quarters of you answered that yes, you'd cough up the greenbacks for that extra traction. Out of 1,497 votes cast, 1,127 were in favor of AWD despite the extra cost while 370 voters were fine with FWD
Though its obvious the vast majority of consumers would like AWD despite the extra cost, we can still understand why Dodge didn't go down that road. The spirit of the original SRT-4 was embodied by a car that anyone could buy, and the more hardware that gets bolted onto the SRT-4, the higher its price will be. While we all might be willing to buy an AWD Caliber SRT-4 for $26K-28K, we don't believe Dodge is willing to sell them for that much in deferance to the original purpose of the car, which is cheap, fast fun. Will it be a bear to control? Most likely, but we'll manage somehow.

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