Without a doubt Toyota has impressed its critics here in Chicago with the unveiling of the 2007 Toyota Tundra. As evident by your comments, some agree and some believe that the Toyota doesn't have what it takes to be a tough truck.

Obviously the Tundra is a big deal right now, but what will its impact be in the long run on the full-size truck segment in the U.S.? Should Ford and GM worry about their best-sellers retaining that title, or will the Tundra turn out to be as impacful as Nissan's Titan? This is a billion-dollar question the answer to which could decide the fate of some players involved.
What impact will the 2007 Toyota Tundra have in the U.S. full-size truck market?
The only brand that needs to worry is Nissan
Toyota will eventually sell 400,000 Tundras/year and overtake Dodge's Ram
Tundra steals sales from Ford and GM, creating a fierce four-way fight for the sales crown
Toyota owns the segment by 2010

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