Followup: Man who destroyed Miami Ford dealership found dead on plane

Gerald Georgettis, the unhappy customer who drove his Ford Escape through the plate glass walls at Miami's Metro Ford, only to torch the joint (including a Gulf-liveried GT) is dead after an alleged airborn suicide.

Despite causing an estimated $1 million worth of damage to an occupied dealership earlier this month, Georgettis was later freed after paying just $1,500 (of a $15,000 bond). For reasons unknown, Georgettis boarded a flight bound for Los Angeles on Wednesday at Dulles International Airport (near Washington, D.C.). At some point in the flight, Georgettis was discovered dead in a cabin bathroom after an apparently hanging. United Airlines Flight 209 subsequently made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport, where his body was removed from the aircraft.

Further investigation revealed that Georgettis had recently quit his job as a theatre manager for the city of North Miami, and was gearing up for his trial. He had been charged with First degree arson, which could have seen him jailed for up to 30 years.

[Source: Miami Herald]

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