Video: Disgruntled customer rams Miami showroom, torches dealership housing Ford GT

It's been a bad season for coastal Ford dealers with GTs in their showrooms. Back in December, we brought you the story of some singularly determined thieves who stole one of the Blue Oval's supercars in stunning fashion, using other vehicles as battering rams to break out of a locked showroom and secured lot.

Yesterday, a North Miami man, apparently unhappy with the deal he received on a  new Ford Escape the day prior, snapped after  unsuccessfully going to the dealer to try and renegotiate.  George Maretti  subsequently rammed his SUV through  the showroom's windows,  whereupon he "calmly" doused his vehicle and the (occupied) dealership with an accelerant, lighting the place on fire. No injuries were reported, but a Ford GT in Gulf livery was among the 11 cars sustaining heavy damage. The insurance tab is being estimated at around one million dollars.

Metro Ford's disgruntled customer was later found by police walking down the street, allegedly yelling "Kill me, kill me," but he gave up without (further) incident. Subsequently charged with First Degree Arson and felony criminal mischief, he was later released on bond.

(More details including video of the carnage after the jump)

[Source: CBS-4]

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