Audi's A1 "MINI-killer" a hoax

We posted yesterday about the possible reality that Audi is working on a B-segment car to take on the MINI Cooper that could break cover by 2010. Many of you noticed the pic that accompanied the post was not of an actual car but some type of Micro Machines-like toy.
Fourtitude, the archivist website of all things Audi, did a little digging and found out from whence the pic came. It turns out the Stay Puff Marshmallow car was actually an entrant in the Michelin Design Challenge from the 2005 NAIAS. It was designed by Steven van der Veen of the Netherlands and is in fact called the A1, but Mr. van der Veen’s independent designer status means this design has no official sanction from Audi itself.

Is Audi working on a supposed “MINI-killer”, either a revised A2 or all-new A1? There’s been rumors but for now they’ll have to remain that way.

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